Parachute Rigger Badge
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One U.S. Army Parachute Rigger Badge is embroidered onto ACU ripstop material.  This badge is made to sew on to your ACU uniform, now that the Sergeant Major of the Army has changed the policy allowing qualification skill badges to be sewn on to the uniform.  There is plenty of material around the embroidery to fold over so that you can sew it on to your ACUs.

You can order this in two styles:  Authorized and unauthorized.  The Authorized style has the word rigger in black, and the unauthorized style has the word rigger in red and costs a little more.

You can also choose to have this badge sewn on ripstop multicam fabric.  However, be warned, multicam badges are not authorized to sew on your uniform.  They are sold as a novelty or collector's item only.

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Parachute Rigger Badge

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